I used Canna Cleen when I was drinking wine and felt a lot better the next morning.   I felt more hydrated and overall felt better and not as taken down by the 1 bottle wine I usually drink at night.   – M

I always noticed my heart racing or palpitating and now I do not have this issue with CannaCleen. Also I feel like eating better foods when I get the munchies. Overall I feel better when I take Canna Cleen when using THC – E

I have used THC since I was young. When I started using Canna Cleen, my brain seemed to be quicker and I felt more functional which is great because I use it throughout the day. – L

Using Canna Cleen on my “all you can drink” Mexican vacation, allowed me to enjoy drinking all day with no problems. I do not use any Marajuana but this sure helped me when I was drinking alcohol! I take it with me in my purse. I do enjoy drinking and this makes it so much better for me. – F

I went on an “ all you can drink and eat” vacation recently. I had not had alcohol for some time due to my diet. However, I did not want to get a hangover or feel headachy. I only had a few days on this vacation and did not want to be hungover during most of it. This Canna Cleen worked. I felt great. Able to enjoy drinks and no hangover. – C

I feel so much better taking Canna Cleen with my THC and CBD. I eat very healthy and organic and was always concerned about pesticides and other growing chemicals used to grow anything we ingest. I feel better just knowing that Canna Cleen is helping me with toxins that may be in my marijuana. I also feel my brain is sharper. – A

I use marijuana everyday.   It makes me paranoid to the point I cannot leave the house. When I tried CannaCleen it was the first time I was able to leave the house to go out with my friends. Thanks to Canna Cleen. – B

I am in a lot of pain all the time. I use fentynol patches for my pain and have tried CBD in the past and it does not help me. My daughter was testing out Canna Cleen and I used some of her bottle along with the CBD this time and I felt relief from taking the CBD for the first time. – C

I feel an overall wellbeing with CannaCleen. I feel more relaxed and less intensity and anxiety and also a more focused brain. – M

Since using CannaCleen, I do not feel my heart fluttering or palpitating like I used to On the emotional side, CannaCleen took away the anxiety I usually felt when using THC. Even if I forget to take it ahead of time, a dose of CannaCleen will mitigate the effects of anxiety or paranoia — whether I take it before or after. I love this product and use it often. Overall, it makes me feel better and makes my experience better. Feeling better is important because, for me, cannabis is a medicine. I like when medicines do as they are supposed to without any side effects. CannaCleen allows me to use my medical cannabis with little to no side effects. I highly recommend this product. – E